Amadeus VIAmadeus VI

Life: 1334-1383
Birth Place: France or Italy?
Historical Role: Noble
Titles: Count of Savoy
Primary countries affected: France, Italy
Secondary countries affected: Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
Events: Release of John V (1366)


Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy, seems to be a less important figure in history, however he did play an interesting role as the head of the large Duchy of Savoy.

In 1354 he went to war with France and won, by his victory he guaranteed himself certain territorial rights. The war was caused because the territory of Viennois had been ceded to France, and this created a new threat on Savoy's borders, in response Amadeus acted quickly to protect himself against French aggresion.

In 1366 Amadeus led a small crusade to Byzantine territory, his goal was to help the Byzantine Emperor John V who was also his cousin. By the time Amadeus arrived John V had been captured by the Bulgarians. Amedeus thus set out into Bulgarian territory to free John V, after several successful operations he convinced the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander to free John V.

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