Charles VI the Mad of FranceCharles VI the Mad of France

Life: 1368-1422
Birth Place: Paris, France
Historical Role: King
Titles: King of France
Primary countries affected: France
Secondary countries affected: United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453)


Charles VI was King of France during the Hundred Years War against England. Charles VI is the son of Charles V and Jeanne de Bourbon. Charles VI was crowned as King of France in 1380. As he was too young he had a regent and in 1388 he took full powers. Charles was known as Charles the Mad, because he suffered what is thought to be schizophrenia. He had numerous episodes of madness where he killed followers, couldn't remember his family or who he was. He even thought he was made of glass and took measures to protect himself against breaking.

With the King being unable to rule, his uncles took control, but quarrelled with each other and other nobles, creating a state of chaos and disunity in France. The King of England Henry V took advantage of this situation and invaded France, he then decisively defeated the French at Agincourt. After this disaster John the Fearless tried to end the feud and re-unite France into a cohesive fighting force to resist the English, but he was murdered during a meeting with the Dauphin Charles VII. The Burgundians joined the English side after this event. Charles VI finally signed the Treaty of Troyes recognizing Henry of England as his successor, disinheriting his son Charles VII. Charles VI died in 1422. Charles VII kept the struggle alive and eventually was crowned King of France.


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