Charles the BoldCharles the Bold

Life: 1433-1477
Birth Place: Dijon, France
Historical Role: General, Noble
Titles: Duke of Burgundy, of Brabant, of Guelders, of Limburg, of Lothier, of Luxembourg, Margrave of Namur, Count of Artois, of Charolais, Flanders, Hainault, Holland, Zeeland and Zatphen, Count Palatine of Burgundy
Primary countries affected: Belgium, France and the Netherlands
Secondary countries affected: Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Events: War of the Public Weal (1465), Battle of Montlhery (1465), Battle of Grandson (1476), Battle of Nancy (1477)


Charles the Bold is the son of Philip the Good and Isabel of Portugal, he succeeded his father in 1467, although he gained power before this. He married three times and his only surviving child was Mary who succeeded him as Duchess of Burgundy.

In 1465 Charles the Bold organized nobles around him who were hostile to Louis XI's ways. Charles won the Battle of Montlhery in 1465 against Louis XI and obtained some towns on the Somme, the counties of Boulogne and Guines.

Charles ultime goal was to turn Burgundy into a kingdom. In 1473 he had convinced the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick to crown him king at Trier. But Emperor Frederick became displeased with Charles' attitude and decided not to go ahead with the creation of the Kingdom. By then Charles had very large holdings and was one of the most powerful nobles of Europe.

Charles' end came when his enemies allied together against him notably the Swiss and the Duke of Lorraine, Rene II. The Holy Roman Empire and France supported Charles' enemies. Charles was defeated at the Battle of Grandson. He was again defeated at the Battle of Nancy where he was killed.


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