Clement VIIClement VII

Life: 1342-1394
Birth Place: Geneva, Switzerland
Historical Role: Pope
Titles: Antipope
Primary countries affected: France, Switzerland
Secondary countries affected: None
Events: The Great Schism (1378-1417)


Clement was born in Geneva, he is the son of Count Amadeus III of Geneva. He embarked on a religious life in 1359 and eventually became a cardinal in 1371.

In 1377, during the War of the Eight Saints, he led a small force and was charged with capturing the town of Cesena. It is reported that he allowed his men to murder of over 4000 civilians from the city. For this he is remembered as the butcher of Cesena.

He was elected pope in 1378 by the French cardinals who were opposed to Urban VI. He then established himself in Avignon as the Antipope and was supported by numerous nations notably : Aragon, Castile, Denmark, France, Navarre, Norway, Portugal, Savoy and Scotland. He died in 1394 and was succeeded by Benedict XIII.

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