Jean Bureau

Life: 15th century-1463
Birth Place: Champagne, France
Historical Role: General
Titles: Lord of Montglat, Mayor of Bordeaux
Primary countries affected: France
Secondary countries affected
: United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453), Battle of Castillon (1453)


Jean Bureau was an important figure towards the end of the Hundred Years War. He was born in Champagne, then he moved to Paris and worked for the English. In 1439 he was hired by Charles VII as his artillery expert. He played a leading role in the sieges of Pontoise and Harfleur. In 1453 he was in charge of the army who defeated Sir John Talbot at the Battle of Castillon. He was later rewarded by being named Lord of Montglat, Mayor of Bordeaux and knighted by King Charles VII of France.

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