John, Duke of BerryJohn, Duke of Berry

Life: 1340-1416
Birth Place: Vincennes, France
Historical Role: Noble, Statesman
Titles: Duke of Berry, Duke of Auvergne, Count of Poitiers, Count of Montpensier
Primary countries affected: France Secondary countries affected: United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453)


John, Duke of Berry was the brother of King Charles V of France, Louis I of Anjou and Philip the Bold of Burgundy. He was the son of King John II of France. He played an important role in the Regency of Charles VI who became king as a minor, John and his brothers shared the regency. In 1388 Charles VI came of age and decided to rule himself, he ended the regency and reinstated his father's advisors. However, when the King Charles VI had his first insanity attack, John, Duke of Berry and Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, retook control until 1402, when the King gave control to his brother Louis, Duke of Orleans. Philip the Bold, died in 1404, John, Duke of Berry being the last survivor of the sons of King John II, tried to maintain peace between the two factions in France the Armagnacs and the Burgundians. John was responsible in preventing the King Charles VI and his son from attending the Battle of Agincourt, because it would be disastrous if the King and his heir would be captured by the English. John, Duke of Berry died in 1416.

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