John II of Alençon

Life: 1409-1476
Birth Place: Argentan, France
Historical Role: General, Noble
Titles:Duke of Alençon
Primary countries affected: France
Secondary countries affected: United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453), Battle of Vermeuil (1424), Siege of Orleans (1428-29), Battle of Jargeau (1429), Battle of Meung-sur-Loire (1429), Battle of Beaugency (1429), Battle of Patay (1429)


John II of Alençon was an important figure of the Hundred Years War and a great supporter of Joan of Arc. John II was the son of John I Duke of Alençon and Marie of Brittany. He succeeded his father in 1415. He saw his first action at the Battle of Vermeuil where he was captured by the English, and later traded for John Talbot. After his release he met Joan of Arc and joined her in her campaigns in the Loire Valley. John was unhappy with the treaty of Arras and took part in a failed revolt in 1439-40, he was later forgiven. He was arrested in 1456, for lèse majesté or royal injury, he was later released under conditions, which he didn't respect. He was thus arrested once again in1474 and sentenced to death, but the sentence was not carried out and he died in prison.

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