Albrecht, Duke of WurttembergAlbrecht, Duke of Wurttemberg

Life: 1865-1939
Birth Place: Vienna, Austria
Historical Role: General, Noble
Titles: Duke of Wurttemberg
Primary countries affected: Germany
Secondary countries affected: Austria, France, United Kingdom
Events: First World War, First Battle of Ypres, Second Battle of Ypres


Albrecht, Duke of Wurttemberg was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1865. He joined the German Army in 1883. Upon the start of the First World War he was in command of the German 4th Army, he would later command the 4th Army through the First Battle of Ypres and also the Second Battle of Ypres, he would later be transferred in 1917 to a command in Alsace and Lorraine for the remainder of the war. He died in Germany in 1939.

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