Prince Luigi AmedeoPrince Luigi Amedeo

Life: 1873-1933
Birth Place: Madrid, Spain
Historical Role: Admiral, Explorer, Noble
Titles: Duke of the Abruzzi
Primary countries affected: Italy, Somalia
Secondary countries affected: China, Russia, Pakistan, Uganda
Events: First World War


Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of Abruzzi was born in 1873, in Madrid, Spain. He was an Italian Prince who served as an admiral in the First World War. During the war he was head of the Italian fleet in the Adriatic Sea, he eventually resigned because the Austrian's would not commit to a naval engagement and the Italian army would not consider an amphibious option.

He led several notable research expeditions, for example he scaled several mountains, notably K2 in Pakistan and China, Mount Saint Elias in Canada and the United States, also several mountains in Africa. He also led an expedition to Franz Joseph Land, in a hope to reach the closest point to the North Pole at the time. He eventually died in Somalia in 1933.

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