Earl Archibald DouglasEarl Archibald Douglas

Life: 1372-1424
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Historical Role: General, Noble
Titles: Duke of Touraine, Earl of Wigtown, Earl of Douglas, Lord of Galloway, Lord of Annandale, Lord of Bothwell
Primary countries affected: France, United Kingdom
Secondary countries affected
Events: Battle of Humbleton Hill (1402), Battle of Shrewsbury (1403), Battle of Verneuil (1424)


Archibald Douglas, was an important Scottish Noble, in fact the most important with the Duke of Albany. Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas was the son of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas and Joanna de Moravia of Bothwell. His first important military action was in 1400, repulsing Henry 'Hotspur' Percy and George I, Earl of March in their raids on southern Scotland. Archibald Douglas surprised them in a night attack and routed them. Archibald Douglas was second in command during the Siege of Edinburg Castle by Henry IV in 1400. His father died the same year and he inherited all of his properties.

Archibald Douglas was in charge of the Scottish forces at the Battle of Humbleton Hill in 1402, he was soundly defeated and captured. The next year he was released by his captor Henry 'Hotspur' Percy in return he would fight by the side of Percy against the English forces. The Battle of Shrewsbury was another sound defeat for the Scots, and Archibald Douglas was captured again. Henry IV later released him on promise that Archibald Douglas would return after a period of time, but Archibald Douglas never returned, this was very dishonorable at the time. In 1412 Archibald travelled to France to secure and alliance with the French and Burgundians.

Archibald Douglas was active in the negotiations for the release of the King of Scotland James, who was being held by the English. Archibald Douglas sailed to France in 1424 with a Scottish army 6500 strong. He was named Lieutenant-General by the Dauphin Charles VII of France. Archibald Douglas participated in the Battle of Verneuil in 1424, where the French and Scottish forces were defeated, Archibald Douglas, his son James and his son-in-law John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Buchan were all killed.

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